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  Redirected to a Search-engine?
I get a lot of reports lately from people that get redirected to sites like when they click a link. This is another hacker at work. In fact, this is an affiliate for CoolWebSearch (account number 4474). CoolWebSearch has been causing problems a lot in the past.

If you are redirected to these search-engines you're most likely (or should I say: definately) infected with SpyWare. removed by going to                           and downloading SWShredder. That program will clear your problem in no-time. Also on that page is an Article on CoolWebSearch with all tricks that were used to infect people's machines.
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Getting  pop up 25 times?
There is a crazy hacker out there that infected a lot of computers with a Trojan Horse virus. This virus enabled the hacker to launch a wide scale attack on several sites, including mine. If you have or any other site that pops up on your computer 30 times every time you open a browser window your computer is part of a large DDOS attack on my site...

I was contacted by someone that lived not too far from where I live, we talked and I almost begged him to allow me to come over to check out the problem and find the solution. Sitting at his computer I indeed saw pop up on every page we tried to open. Some digging around brought up the solution though! So, thanks to a very good guy from Cnet, here is the solution for this problem:

  • Click on 'start' and select 'run'. Then type 'regedit' and press Enter.
  • Press CTRL-F and search for ''. Every key that comes up with this site you can delete (click it once and press the 'del'-button on your keyboard), hit F3 to search for the next occurance untill you're done.
  • Press CTRL-F again and search for '086AE192-23A6-48D6-96EC-715F53797E85' and again delete all references to it.
  • Use the Windows Explorer to browser to 'c:/windows/system32/ and delete the file named 'DReplace.dll'. If you can not find the file you can do a search (click 'start' and then 'search')

This should rid you of the problem, but your security is still wide open, the virus got in, the above process removes the virus, but does not solve the security leak on your machine.

is a spyware program 'causing redirects and popups on your machine. Getting rid of it is hard if you don't have the software needed. XXXtoolbar sure won't give that to you...

Go and download and run 'CoolWebShredder'. That should do it

some info on the people behin xxxtoolbar, in case you're interested: WROTE BY Integrated Search Technologies 3300 Cote-Vertu Suite 406 Montreal, Quebec H4R 2B7 CA

IT'S CALLED XXXTOOLBAR, Registrant: Integrated Search Technology

DISTRUBITED BY Registrant: Integrated Search Technologies

All the same company. Watch out for this program and make sure you have all available patches installed which are distributed for free by Microsoft.

Datanotary popups?
It's been said before, there are no consoles on The Pages. Hackers always seem to find ways to get their consoles popping up though. The latest addition is datanotary. The solution is simple: if you experience problems with their code look for a file named 'my.css' on your windows directory. If it's there (should be in the Java-directory) delete it.

Deleting the file will only fix the console problem, it will not secure your machine. Please check the rest of the updates here for other fixes and always make sure you have all available patches installed...

New Mozilla Browser . ***
I checked out the new Mozilla browser, firebird. It has an automatic popup stopper that works like a charm. Fast program, free download. If you want to surf safely over the web without having to worry about popups, you definately want to try FireBird

Getting Popups on almost every page?
Changes are you've been infected by a Crazy Ass Russian hacker. Look for a file named "hosts" in your windows directory.

Win98: c:\windows\hosts W2k: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts XP: c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts

Delete it and you should be fine again. Make sure you install all available patches for Microsoft and Internet Explorer to prevent this from happening again. An anti-virus program is also a good thing to have. It's very likely you got infected by downloading some kind of toolbar to your machine... if you ever get an offer for such programs simply DO NOT install 'em. Usually they're potentially hazardous for your machine...

Get rid of parasite/spyware software
There was a new tool suggested to me the other day. On you can find a program named "SpyBot Search & Destroy". Besides getting rid of a lot of spyware on your computer this program also checks for security risks. Very helpful tool that is free of charge to use. It has an 'advanced' mode that gives you a lot of control over what SpyBot can do or can't do.


On a chatboard I found a link to It has a lot of useful information about parasite/spyware software and a tool to scan your computer for such programs. I found it very useful

Also, a lot of sites have come out with these so called 'toolbars'... these programs usually add very little functionality to your computer, but they do enable the owner to track everything you're doing on the web. 100% Spyware. Some go as far as redirecting complete sites (so instead of to the site you're looking for you're going to some ad-site) or popping consoles on sites that don't have consoles themselves (such as TaxThatAss). I advice you NOT to install these toolbars. Also, all programs to 'enable' you to view certain sites is risky. Be careful with what you download. Make sure you know what you're answering 'yes' to if you see a message come up on your computer screen. Don't let hackers/cheaters get control over your computer. Be safe...Don't Smoke wacky tobacco wile online  and  happy surfing! ;-)

Messenger Spam
What is it?

Do you get pop-up messages like this one?

Take note of the title bar, the first line and the fact that it is only "flat text", with just an "OK" button.

Out of the box, Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, and XP systems allow anyone on the network to pop up messages like this on your screen. You do not need to be running any web, email, or instant messaging software. It has nothing to do with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or any other application. There is no need for the sender to know anything about your computer and your computer doesn't care who does it. In recent incidents, people have used this capability to spread SPAM messages like the ones above.


 the Cure

New: If you are looking for a user-friendly tool that does all this stuff for you, try the Lavasoft free spyware killer

You can disable the Messenger service if you want to although doing so may result in Windows not being able to alert you to some conditions. This may include things like "print job complete", anti-virus, and event logger status messages. Also, "new mail" notifications may not be available in an Exchange/Outlook environment.

Windows 2000

  1. Click Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Services
  2. Scroll down and highlight "Messenger"
  3. Right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties.
  4. Click the STOP button.
  5. Select Disable in the Startup Type scroll bar
  6. Click OK

Windows XP

  1. Click Start->Control Panel
  2. Click Performance and Maintenance
  3. Click Administrative Tools
  4. Double click Services
  5. Scroll down and highlight "Messenger"
  6. Right-click the highlighted line and choose Properties.
  7. Click the STOP button
  8. Select Disable in the Startup Type scroll bar
  9. Click OK

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