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Daily Webmaster read : Building Your First $$$ Website

Webmasters Having your own domain name and your own web site can do a lot for your business. It gives you a definite web presence and makes your business more credible.

Ok, so you know all that, but how do you go about the process of building one? Where do you start? Paid Hosting Or Free web host ?

Now that I've said that, consider your own goals, time, and investment. The free sites can be helpful, but you will be limited. However, for many of us, free is the only option to begin with.

HTML is essential, though. Depending on your Webmaster goals, time, and money, you do have a couple of options. There are user friendly programs like Microsoft's Front Page that don't require you to look at actual HTML code for the most part. However, it's going to cost you more than other HTML editors will. The cheapest I've seen it go for is $129.

Another factor to consider is your web hosting. Some come with an HTML editor on the site for you to use. That will depend on who you choose to host with, of course, but most of these are just basic editors that require you to know how to work with the code. Some do have menu driven site builders you can use that do the coding for you, but again those are basic and you will be limited in what you can do.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Consider your time, what you have to invest, and what your goals are. If you want to do anything beyond just basic text and pictures, you'll be better off to buy a good HTML editor.

Whatever you do, if you plan on making a good web site, you need to learn at least some HTML. Here are a couple of sites that offer tutorials to get you started:Hacks,Hackers,Forums

Webmaster references
These are all hand and checked by the adult Webmaster revues. - for Webmaster help with JavaScript, PHP, CGI, XML, web design, and more... - programming language reference and tutorials for DHTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript.
Adult Mobility - Convert adult site content to a format supported by wireless devices.
Adult Web ware - Custom programming, site design, and home of the Adult-Engine and Webmaster.
Adult Webmaster Scripts - CJ script with many webmaster features.
Ascripts - Several Perl/MySQL scripts.
AWG Trade - Free adult webmaster professional quality traffic trading script.
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Other script sites to see
The latest press releases
Content God - Content manager, organizer, viewer, database, search engine & more.all for the adult Webmasters
Fred Softwares - Useful PHP/MySQL script for adult websites.
Geo Redirect - The complete traffic management & geo targeting system.
GPI Soft - Several scripts including multi-featured counter and ad manager.
JFuse - This Webmaster program splits or merges any file (great for MPEGs and other media).
Nearly There - Turnkey live video streaming software for PPV & voyeur models.
Pass Protector - Protect against pw traders, brute force hackers, & bandwidth leechers.
Password Sentry - Protect your site from password traders and hackers.
Paysite Powertools - A collection of scripts for use with paysites & partner programs.
CGI scripts, Perl , eBusiness, eCommerce, database programing, and shopping carts for Windows NT and Unix. Spads custom  and programming to fit your site.Affordable Perl CGI script for dynamic delivery and rotation of banners and HTML ads. Rich set of interactive ad display options via built in DHTML API. Real time detailed ad statistics.


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