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I got told last night by a "friend" last night that I degrade women. She then told me its fucked up .
At first I felt kinda bad. Then I realized I think she was just pissed ,I make Bookmarks from it, . If you want to make a website, go make it, it not ez i have to pay for the host its not cheap, work two jobs just to be able to get enough money too pay for this website and be able to post all the Phone Cam Pics.
The more I thought about it, the more pissed I got. I degrade women? Fuck that, I degrade Women who degrade themselves . She said Im degrading, yet when a Phone Camera comes out, she is one of the first girls to yank her shorts up her ass and pretend to kiss another girl. Nothing like a little fake lesbianism for attention.
Oh well, no harm done really. Only reason I was really pissed is because I DOnT rip on  girls here, the ones that deserve it, but she was never one of them. Others have ripped on her though, and I defended her. Wont be doing that anymore either.
Lucky I didnt write this right when I came home, or I would have named names and shown pictures. :) Im getting too friendly in my old age. Fuck. Email Me

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This wire story looks at college professors exhibiting and discussing pornography in the classroom. Academic study of pornography is not exactly a new phenomenon, but this is a pretty good article. There's a discussion thread about this story at Plastic.
Boston Globe

 On the Boston Globe op-ed page, Cathy Young opines about academic study of pornography at American universities. "Some champions of sexual freedom see these developments as a welcome alternative to the antisex, procensorship feminism that sees pornography, and maybe sexuality, as injurious to women.... Meanwhile, conservatives predictably denounce porn studies as yet another sign that our culture has become a moral swamp and that professorial elites are corrupting the young." Young has no problem with the libertarian, sex-positive sentiments of the first group, but she criticizes faddish academic concerns with sex, gender and pop culture "rather than the timeless heritage of the human mind."
Boston Globe

Divorce due to Oversized Penis

We recently came across two separate cases in which a new bride tried to divorce her husband on the grounds that his penis was too big for them to have sex.

 A Nigerian court has refused to let a wife divorce her husband over the size of his penis, dismissing Amina Haruna's claim that Malam Hassan Mujahid's penis was too big for them to have sex without injuring her. (Note: this sounds a lot like a story we linked two weeks ago. However, the earlier story came from Ghana, and the couples identified in each story have different names and ages.)
Ananova (Aug 2001)

 In Ghana, Lami Gwarma'u has asked a court to dissolve her three-month marriage to Gwarma'u Chiwake, claiming that Chiwake's "over-sized genital" made intercourse impossible and "deprived her of an essential aspect of marriage." Chiwake denies possessing an over-sized genital. The presiding judge ordered the registrar of the court to take both parties to the hospital for examination. (Thanks for the URL to David K. of Nightcharm, who is reportedly already in negotiations for Chiwake-cam.)


to: thewebmaster
I use to wonder why you'd rarely take pictures or put pictures up of That Crazy Ho and I, after reading  I know. I don't ever feel compelled to dyke out w/ my friends so I'll get my picture on the net.I totally agree w/ you, you only degrade the chicks that degrade themselves. I really don't think you will ever know how cool you are.
Late, Stacy
Stacy is correct.
Dont get me wrong, I dont mind girls getting down for the camera,Webcam or sending there pics  I dont judge them, I like when they do it. If a girl gets naked in a webcam,or send me nude pics of her self Im not going to call her a slut. However, if the same girl later on says Im "degrading" her and other girls, she needs to look in
@ fucking mirror....Email Me

Sex in Las Vegas

 According to USA Today, Las Vegas hotel-casinos are abandoning their "family friendly" ambitions and "rediscovering their naughtier sides with a new wave of shows, nightclubs and bars aimed squarely at an adult-only crowd."

"We pretended to be a family destination," says Gamal Aziz, the president of MGM Grand, which opened an entire theme park next to its casino in 1993. "The (core) gambling market had gotten to a point of stagnation, and it was just another way to expand." Alas, the family-friendly rhetoric "really backfired," he says.

Sitting in his modest office, one level above the world's largest casino floor, Aziz explains that the town's die-hard gambling customers and other fun seekers who saw Las Vegas as a place to cut loose "definitely did not want to compete with the strollers." Families, meanwhile, were lukewarm to the idea of visiting a town where a walk down the main boulevard means running a gantlet of hawkers passing out brochures for hookers (despite the fact that prostitution is illegal).

So now, MGM, which closed its failing theme park last year, and its neighbors on the Strip are returning to what [a longtime Vegas journalist] calls the "tried and true" formula: gambling, drinking and sex.

Fascinating bit of cultural history.
USA Today (Feb 2002)

 This is a fascinating story that stretches back several years. Eddie Munoz, the owner of a Las Vegas "outcall nude dancer" service, charges that business rivals have hacked into the Las Vegas phone system to block or reroute calls from hotels, sabotaging and stealing his business. Other Las Vegas outcall services and bail bondsmen have made similar allegations. The phone company denies that such hacking happened or is even possible, but the state of Nevada launched an investigation last year. Last summer, Munoz hired legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick to help build his case, even though his probation terms bar Mitnick from even touching a computer. In March 2002, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada held hearings about what Security Focus calls "a bizarre complaint that's bubbled up from this town's nocturnal fringe economy again and again for the past ten years, from outcall service operators, bail bondsman and private eyes: that Vegas' telecommunications infrastructure is secretly controlled by super hackers working for a few powerful players in the vice biz; mobbed-up cyberpunk puppet masters pulling strings right under the nose of the local phone company." Elsewhere, a shorter overview of the case.
Security Focus | Australian IT

 The Nevada Public Utilities Commission held hearings last week over Las Vegas sex industry phone hacking complaints.

 Las Vegas eases lap dancing rules.

Fake Christina Aguilera Sex Video

There's an amateur sex video floating around the Internet purporting to show Christina Aguilera in bed with an unidentified man. The video hardly deserves even to be called a fake, since the woman's face is never visible and her body bears little resemblance to Aguilera. Someone simply took a generic sex loop with an anonymous blonde woman and claimed, "This is Christina Aguilera having sex!" Nonetheless, Aguilera released a public statement this week entitled "Official Statement on Adult Tape Rumor": "It has recently come to our attention that certain pornographic Web sites are posting sexually explicit photographs and video footage on the Internet fraudulently representing that it is Christina.... Christina's legal representatives have contacted the Web site hosts, and Christina plans to vigorously pursue all necessary action against the individuals responsible, including if necessary, initiating criminal proceedings."

So, one more time for the lawyers: this video does not show Christina Aguilera having sex. These are not nude XXX pics of Christina Aguilera. That's not Christina Aguilera's asshole blowing the camera a kiss. Christina Aguilera doesn't do porno, and there are no real naked Christina sex photos on the Internet.


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I joined Teen Kelly the other day and i must say its a real good website she just turned 18 and needed some money for college ,because the books are so expensive an shit so now she takes here close off for all of us to see...
Any way Here are some samples:
See Foucked

Britney Spears

We love Britney. She's the perfectly absurd sex symbol for America's absurdly contradictory attitudes toward sex. She cultivates both a wholesome, family-values image and a lolita/jailbait tease image, and somehow manages to make the combination seem not only plausible but perfectly natural.

 LA Weekly analyzes Britney's move toward a more adult, more brazenly sexual persona, perhaps to set herself apart from the wave of younger, sweeter Britney wannabes.
LA Weekly (Feb 2000)

 Can you embrace abstinence and still be sex-obsessed? Britney says yes! From Amy Reiter at Salon: "So what if she's the world's most famous virgin? Britney Spears swears she's just like those sex-obsessed women on her favorite show, Sex and the City." Salon (Sep 2000)

 News flash: Britney is still a virgin!. Also, a friend of one of Britney's dancers reveals that Britney has a pierced nipple. The dancer's friend didn't specify which nipple. Up-to-the-minute reports from Yahoo (October 2000).

 Britney gossip! From Spin: "How does a virginal teen queen trash a hotel room? According to sources, a Boston suite vacated by Britney Spears was strewn with a remarkable number of discarded Pop-Tart wrappers. Is anybody else concerned?"
Spin (Nov 2000)

 Celebrity gossip alert: Has Justin been sleeping around on Britney? E! Online's exquisitely trashy gossip columnist Ted Casablanca reported on Justin's prowling last month, and this week's update has "the curly-coiffed one" angrily grilling his entourage to find out who's been tattling.
E! Online (Nov 2000)

 Britney and Justin update! In a recent interview, Justin criticized Britney for setting a bad example for her young fans. "I love her with all my heart. She's been my best friend forever, so I speak out of concern. . . She needs to recognise that there are thousands of young girls out there who watch her and think it's all right to dress like that." But Britney defends her sexy, revealing outfits because "her mother has taught her that people shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies, because they are 'a beautiful thing.'" Justin also declared that, like Britney, he's still a virgin. "It's not that I haven't had the opportunity. When a group's touring the chance comes up all the time. . . I have the opportunity that most guys would kill for and I just throw it away but it's all about love for me." Well, here at Daze Reader, we're not crazy about the whole christian conservative abstinence movement, but it's nice to see a star of Justin's magnitude publicly embracing masturbation as a valid alternative.
Megastar (Dec 2000)

 Gregory Dark, the twisted genius responsible for New Wave Hookers and one of the few truly talented and imaginative filmmakers in the LA porn industry, has made a successful career transition into directing music videos. His new resume includes videos for rappers Ice Cube, Xzibit and SolÚ as well as teen fluff starlets Britney Spears and Mandy Moore. Now the virginal Britney has reportedly decided not to work with Dark again after learning what he used to do for a living.
dotmusic (Jan 2001)

 More Britney and Justin news! dotmusic reports that "the world's noisiest sexually inactive couple" has been promoting virginity in strange ways during a recent stay in Los Angeles.
dotmusic (Jan 2001)

 Britney update! The big question tantalizing fans, industry watchers and horny middle-aged men these days: Will Britney show her breasts onscreen? The new issue of Jane includes screenplay excerpts from Britney's as-yet-untitled movie project. According to this teaser in Mitchell Fink's NY Daily News column, "The story apparently stars Spears as a character named Lucy, who is just now confronting the issue of sex.'The bathroom door opens,' reads one scene. 'Lucy stands in the door, sexy in a short robe. She's nervous but manages to strut across the room towards Henry in beat to the music. She stands in front of him, takes a deep breath and drops her robe. (She) reaches up to unhook her bra. Then she stops.'" Elsewhere, the British "lads entertainment" tabloid Megastar reports that an early version of the script included a topless scene. "When the world's most famous self-proclaimed virgin heard about the scene, she was anything but happy. A source confessed: 'Britney went ballistic. She loved the script, but she was very unhappy with the scene.' . . . Now, following urgent negotiations with the film-makers, the 19-year-old has struck a deal to strip down to her underwear - but no further." Check back with Daze Reader for up-to-the-minute breaking news on Britney's boobs.
New York Daily News | Megastar (Feb 2001)



Drunk At A bachelors party , I feel sorry for here fiancÚ. After this i could never Merry these fucken ho.....
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